About Nick

Nick Enge

In the midst of questioning, while waiting for ice cream. Credit: Urvi Nagrani

Nick Enge holds a B.S. in Atmosphere/Energy Engineering from Stanford University, and recently completed his Master’s program in Earth Systems, also at Stanford. In the near future he aims to pursue a Ph.D. in psychology or neuroscience.

Several years ago, he fell in love with writing and published his first pieces in a weekly column in the Stanford Daily entitled Positive Sustainability. These early ecological essays are archived here.

After realizing that the major problems we face are behaviorally rooted, he turned his attention to human motivation and the potential for a science of human values to help us discover the paths we want to follow as we move forward, both individually and collectively.

In service of this aim, he recently helped Frank Andrews republish The Art and Practice of Loving: Living a Heartfelt Yes, a book which has real potential to revolutionize our lives and relationships. Hardcopy and digital editions are available now at http://www.heartfeltyes.com.

Nick is currently writing a book, “Waltzing: A Manual for Dancing and Living,” co-authored with Richard Powers. Follow our progress at http://www.waltzingbook.com.

He plans to get back to work on A Scientist’s Bible very soon.